Textile Heaven


Colour, textures and pattern. I’ve seen it all this week, as I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the new products coming out from James Dunlop Textiles.

Its amazing how from just a few words an array of patterns and textures can be created!

Casino by Zinc was their first new textile collection. A lot of luxurious velvet’s were incorporated into this collection, with a lot of the patterns taken from hills and landscapes that surround famous casinos. A favourite of mine was the Aspinall Z448 (shown in the picture below), a pattern of irregular feathers on a metallic look background. This reminds me of the glitz and glam of a 1920’s casino, with Zinc using 3 colour variations to capture the moodiness and hidden secrets of a casino through the darker variations, with a light beige to capture the wealth and glitz of a 1920’s casino scene.


Zinc also introduced Andromeda, a textile collection inspired by outer space (shown in the picture below). A lot of fauns, greys and blues were used in this collection together with motley patterns resembling the surfaces of planets and the atmosphere, which capture the essence of the mysterious places beyond. Velvet was used once again in this collection with silks being introduced to create a futuristic collection.


Escape was a wallpaper collection also introduced by Zinc, which featured many patterns and styles similar to the Casino textile range. This was a favourite of mine as the real glitz and glam of a casino lifestyle came into these wallpapers, through delicate features, mosaics, and even bubbles from a champagne glass. A favourite of mine was the scallop shape mosaic wallpaper Corvara ZW124 (shown in the picture below), which combined mirrored effects through the occasional foiled pattern throughout the wallpaper which showed off the wealth and excitement of a casino.


Another new collection was brought out by Kirkby Design, which consisted of graphic patterns, textures and minimal designs (shown in the picture below). A favourite of mine in this collection was the 3D quilted velvet (the fantastic lime green textile shown in the very first picture) which would look amazing on anything that you wanted a dramatic and attention grabbing finish on. The colour range in this collection surprised me as the different textiles all had the same colourings, earthy neutrals, monochrome colours and striking rich jewel tones, but due to the different materials and patterns used, they could look incredibly different and unique.


Altogether, I had an incredible time listening to the reps from James Dunlop Textiles explain the new ranges and learning about all the different textiles and wallpapers. If you ever get a chance to listen in on a talk like this I would highly recommend it!



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