Navy Blue -Moody, Peaceful or Just Plain Amazing

Following on from my last post, a popular colour for interiors of Villas was dark blue. But it is just recently that we have seen it make a come back in our interior spaces in a big way.

Blue, like many colours, is a favourite of mine, but I have come to love navy blue in interiors due to its depth and intensity. Blue is often said to symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, and intelligence, and is considered to be beneficial to the mind and body.


Although many people might not see navy blue as a colour that could reduce stress and calm the senses, to me its a colour that emphasises all of this. I could quite easily see myself escaping to a navy blue room to escape the pressures of study and relax in the calming colour.

This colour can transform a room into many styles, from an ultra modern space to a totally classic room, it all depends on the type of navy blue and the right furniture paired with it, as to what you want to achieve. Its an amazing universal colour but many just think blue is a boys colour, but I can tell you now it not! Does this really look like just a guys room to you…?



Like looking out to the depths of the dark blue sky at night with the twinkling stars, you wouldn’t think an interior could capture this. But contrasted against crisp white linen and furniture, you can quite easily see this picture transform into reality when the right type of navy blue is used.


So, if you picture this scene how does it make you feel? Would you consider using navy blue in a space in your house?


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